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Saksalainen opetusharjoittelija vietti neljä viikkoa OYK:ssa – lue Elenan terveiset

Saksalainen opetusharjoittelija tutustui kouluarkeemme neljän viikon ajan. Suomalainen koulu herättää edelleen suurta kiinnostusta mm. Keski-Euroopassa.

Elena Neuß, joka valmistuu pian erityisopettajaksi Saksassa, suoritti harjoittelun koulussamme. Lue Elenan kokemuksista seuraavasta:

Hi, my name is Elena and usually I study Special Education, Mathematics and Music in Cologne/Köln, Germany. 

In the last four weeks I did an internship at your school. Beforehand I was very interested in the Finnish school system in general because I thought I might be able to learn something from the exemplary pedagogy (they are telling us about in Germany) as a prospective teacher. And in fact, it was a very enriching and instructive time for me. 

Most of the time I was in middle school, where the two special education teachers partly accompany the lessons. In addition to the small supportive groups, it was also possible for me to gain insight into various lessons and to teach small sections there as well. As German is already available as an optional subject in the lower grades, that was the most feasible field for me.  

I’m going back to Germany in a few days and I will cherish the memory of all those lovely people who made these weeks so enjoyable for me – best wishes and kiitos!